These are the two places in our beautiful planet where we feel at home, the Maui north shore and the Cadiz coast where we were born.
This is a little recap of our best moments during the last months, on the search of wind and waves in the two oceans that we love.
Music: Led Zeppelin “Good times bad times”, Daughter “Youth”
Edition: Emi Galindo
Footage: Manu Grafenauer, Idan Shemtov – Epicopter, María Andrés, Jose María Alba, Jose Núñez, Ana Barquín, Miqueas Muñoz, Cabronsky, Emi Galindo and Bea Sánchez
Cover photos: Fish Bowl Diaries / John Carter
Locations: Hawaii: Ho’okipa, Lanes – Spain: Sancti Petri, Caños de Meca and Bolonia

The two oceans' home – with Maria Andres & Emi Galindo from emi_galindo on Vimeo.