Lucerne is a great starting point for ski tours

Ben and I are both enthusiastic ski tourers. Lucerne, where we are at home, offers many options right in front of our doorstep. Tours that can be done on half a day and instantly give you the feeling of – I’m out – and just make you happy.

This also applies to the tour from Klewenalp near Beckenried via the Brisenhaus to Glattgrat. Klewenalp can be reached from Lucerne via several routes. Today we have no stress and turn the short, easy tour into a comfortable day experience.

Ship Ahoy!

The tourists on the jetty in Lucerne look at us curiously – we board the course ship in full ski touring gear and Nook at 9.12 a. m. From here its a scenic (depending on the weather) 1.5h boat trip to Beckenried.

Lake Lucerne is arguably one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland and also has its charm in winter. During the trip you will feel as if you are in a wild fjord landscape somewhere high up in the north – especially in the slightly foggy and mystic weather we have on this day. We make ourselves comfortable and enjoy the quiet drive over the wintry lake with a cup of coffee and a delicious muesli.

Via the Brisenhaus to Glattgrat

After arriving in Beckenried, the Klewenalpbahn takes us up to the ski resort. From here we ski down to the tipi village of Biel and mount our skins here. A short, crisp ascent takes us over the saddle to the plateau, and from there a gentle ascent takes us to the Brisenhaus.

From the Brisenhaus you now reach Glattgrat on another ascent. If you want to leave this ascent behind you can do so without any problems and let yourself be spoiled in the Brisenhaus. The SAC hut is open during winter. If you want to spend the night there, you can book this a few days in advance.

The Glattgrat, home game for all Central Swiss and offers “views for days”

When you reach the top of Glattgrat a fantastic panorama opens up. From the Alps of Uri and Bern you can see down to the lake towards the plains. The tour can be done in all weather conditions, but it is really worth to do it in good weather.

Traveling by public transport leaves space for spontaneity

On Glattgrat we decided spontaneously to make a round trip out of our trip. We ski down to the Brisenhaus and after a short break we continue from here towards Niederrickenbach. The descent is like the ascent, not very steep but great fun – very wide faces with tons options to find good snow.


In the end you reach Niederrickenbach via a slightly winding winter hiking trail from where we take the cable car down into the valley to Dallenwil.

From Dallenwil we travel by train back to Lucerne. We were on this tour all day long, every connection with the public transport worked perfectly. It certainly helps to plan in advance a little bit, but we recommend to enjoy the day and maybe drink a “Beckenrieder Orangenmost” more on the sun terrace of the Brisenhaus.

Optionally, the tour can be extended with an additional loop to the Haldigrat. But since we were on the way with a dog, we deliberately decided not to use chairlifts and other facilities.

Klewenalp / Glattgrat Tourdata:

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