Midden in de Atlantische Oceaan, 1500 km uit de kust van Portugal, liggen 9 eilanden, de eilanden van de Azoren met hun eigen unieke charmes.
“The Green Island”, zoals de lokale bevolking het noemt, is het eiland São Miguel met zijn uitgestrekte groene velden en prachtige lagunes.

Mountainbike Island Azoren (Portugal)

In this week-long mountain biking adventure, we will explore those hidden beauties and sample some of the best rustic natural, ancient and purpose-built trails, from the top of the mountain to sea level. End your day by swimming in the ocean, hot springs or hidden waterfalls.
Sample the famous Portuguese stew cooked in the steam of a dormant volcano in Furnas Village, amazing seafood and super tasty local dairy products.

Ride in the south-eastern part of the island from almost the highest point on the island, through jungle-like single-tracks, old technical trails and purpose-built and end the day with a mug of beer (other post-ride drinks are also available).

Head northeast and sample some of the more newly developed routes for mountain biking combined with some exciting hairpin turns near sea cliffs.

Or the famous Lagoa do Fogo, home to the “Indiana Jones” trail, a 7km trail that descends from the top of Mount Barrosa to the “Hell’s Window”.
Your week would not be complete without a day’s drive with the most beautiful backdrop in the world (probably), the volcanic crater Sete Cidades, home to the green and blue twin lakes.

Come see our little paradise on earth.