Trails on the wast from lake Garda

The kickoff, it is a “normal holiday” with my family. I always bring my bike, even if it is only for 1 ride. You never know! In recent years, i couldn’t find any cool stuff during those family vacantions…

This year we went to Italy, a big as campsite with everything on and on. Nice for the kids, swimming pool, Lake Garda and mini disco in the evening 😅


The real trails around Lake Garda are mainly in the North West. For this, check out Riva del Garde, really a top spot where we definitely will IMG_2942go to in the near future. There are not many trails on the Monte Baldo (correct me please!). At least not what is on trailforks.

Just north of our campsite (near Lasize) I saw on trailforks the “Enduro Ps4” 3.2 kilometers of blacktrail which is marked mainly as downhill. That could be fun 😃. Trailforks is not very detailed with its topo maps (I believe) so I use the app maps 3d as well to find the start. After some study on physical maps, maps 3d and trailforks the route was determined. From Lasize a 10km ride until the start of the climb. Somewhere during the climb i saw the sign “Monte Lupia” with a hiking man on there, check I’m good!


What followed was crazy! A awesome blacktrail with everything you desire! It started quite relaxed with beautiful views over Lake Garda followed by some flowy forest singletrails. Somewhere halfway there were some blackerer options. I was alone and kept the route as the Enduro PS4 was in the app. The 2nd part has thick rocks and large loose stones. Super nice, some pieces i did more often to find the flow. Returned in complete euphoria and did this one 2 times later that week 👌🏻


The lumini trail

A bit further to the north is the black lumini trail and the j-one. The j-one is relatively short with 1.4 km where the lumini is 3.4 km. Must be possible in 2 or 3 hours. Parked the car at the bottom of the j-one trail in the village of Pizzon (because I wanted to end with that one) and climbed up the shutter road. The tarmac climb option was over 7.9 km 😬

The shutter path became shitter with the time … and mouthed in say let’s say: Nothing. Armed with all apps I stood in the middle of the forest on a slope without any reference except the one: back!
🤬 Alright, I walked back a bit and found a kind of water track which I followed thru the wilderness. Eventually ended up on the lumini trail and followed up further up.


The number of trails was only a bit too much to simply make the right choices after seeing the map. Due to a slow working GPS eventually I came on the black, but much shorter j-one trail. The j-one was super fun and 100% natural (I like that) however I saw during the climb that the lumini had some bikepark-like shizzle on top, which is also fun….
Unfortunately, free time was up, j-one was fun, time to pack up and go home. The Camping…


With a shuttle all the way up!

It was a bit puzzling, but finally i had the bike in the back of the trunk of my car, the children in the car and the deal was made that my wife brings me up to the top, and that she will go shopping with the kids. (I tough is was a good deal 😁)
Anyway, once again I started searching for the start of the freaking luminitrail to descend it all the way to the village of Castion Veronese and then go to Marciage so that I finally arrive at the sign: Monte Lupia 😉


After some fiddling with gps location i was able to ride a large part of the Lumini trail, Sometime i had to ride back. The trigger where often that it was relatively easy. Stop, checking the app and climb back again 🙄 after meeting a crashed German (which he did not want to admit, everywhere blood 🙈) I found some natural trails that all go paralel with the Lumini trail.

Miraculously the bottom part pretty easy to find the correct route without checking the app all the time. It was “nice” but not as black as i hoped and definitely not Enduro Ps4 fun! Luckily that ons was still on the planning for today 🤘🏻
score: 920 meters down, only 320 climbed and a tick … mtf’ers are everywhere!


Advise for the region:

If you are really into mountain biking, take a guide and visit Riva del Garde. that is a good base to start. Taking a guide saves a lot of searching and in this way you are more certain that the trails are tailored to your skills. The trails are serious over here

Climate: in the summer it can get warm, keep in mind with heavy thunderstorms! Holycrap that makes sense … in the winter you do not have to come here. It is then really winter with cold and harsh days.
Skill level: there is something for everyone, of course, but it is an area where the experienced rider can have fun. Knowing more? Mail or app us!