It has been on my wishlist for a long time..... A self supported overnight on top of the mountain! A simple idea and easy to accomplish. To upgrade the idea with some awesomeness I made the decision to go on this adventure using a 4x4 with roof tents. Driving up the mountain, sleeping on the roof and some nice decent on the MTB the next morning. Using google to find the right 4x4 for this adventure I found, thé company for hiring Landrover Defenders! The weekend I wanted to take a break from my daytime job there was a defender available with to roof tents. The defender was stuffed with nice camping materials which are also sold by Planning this trip from my homecountry the Netherlands is difficult, were do you have to go and is allowed to camp everywhere? Erik from could help me, even better; he liked the idea so much he decided to travel along. IMG_8099 I have to be honest, you have to be patience to travel 890km with a defender! With my own car it takes about 8 hours, this time it took 10,5 hours. A little bit on edge I arrived in the late afternoon at the beautiful chalet from, Erik stuffed his gear in the defender and we are off to the mountain. Kamperen met een Landrover defender met daktenten boven op de berg My experience driving a 4x4 is not a lot, fortunately the trails are hard and dry so there is no experience needed this time. After driving for 45 minutes we decided to park the car and cycle al little bit uphill. We needed a nice descent!!   Back at the car we packed are gear and continued the drive to our camping spot, opened up the roof tents and getting ready to enjoy the breathtaking sunset. The view is inexpressible!! The Wood Stove G3300 in combination with BBQ rooster - GoGrill is the perfect set to prepare our sausages and burgers. Temperature is dropping like crazy (-4) at this height and we are trying to stay warm putting on al the clothes we brought and building a campfire. Starting off the ride down! In verbier The next morning the view is again breathtaking, the clouds are lying over the valley like a blanket. The sun is rising slowly and giving is some warmth as it reaches the Defender. First things first; coffee, baguette and some backed eggs with bacon. The trip might be back to basic but the defender and all its gear are making it really comfortable! After the IMG_8147breakfast Erik is driving me uphill so I can roll al the way down.   The trip was really worth it, the variation is beautiful! Self supported on top of the mountain gives you such a free feeling! I would recommend it to everybody. To end the weekend we went to the Verbier Bikepark to play just a little more!    

The Defender Camp from Rik Harms on Vimeo.

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