This Was Supposed to Be a Mellow Line

Nadat Nico Vink zijn pols had gebroken in episode 4 van Tales from the soil, had hij een tijdje rust nodig. Hij's terug en zoekt wat dikke tracks!
En deze vind hij in de Franse Alpen in het Chatel mountain bike park in Portes du Soleil. Het Chatel bike patrol team heeft hard gewerkt aan wat nieuwe dikke lijnen. Maar Nico weet met wat extra creativiteit nog dikkere lijnen te vinden en nog dikkere jumps. Na la serpentine is Nico overgestapt naar de zwarte trails, zijn meer Downhill. Voor iemand met een zwakke pols Nico was Killing it!!!

Check: Tales From The Soil, Ep. 5

After Nico Vink fractured his wrist in episode 4 of Tales from the Soil he needed a little time to rest. Now he's back on it and fiending for some hard lines. He finds them in the French alps at the Chatel mountain bike park in Portes du Soleil. The Chatel bike patrol team has been working hard on the park this season and they have come up with some sick lines and jumps. One of Nico's favorite lines was called 'la serpentine'. The trail has an amazing flow and is really mellow but when Nico rode it fast there was suddenly a bunch of new lines and obstacles to get creative with. It was like a different trail altogether! After la serpentine Nico transitioned to some of the black trails that are more downhill style with loads of steep root sections. For a guy rehabbing a gimpy wrist Nico is KILLING it. This Was Supposed to Be a Mellow Line, then Nico Vink Showed Up | Tales From The Soil, Ep. 5

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