Vertriders: Mountain Biking Extreme "Steep" (Full HD) I VAUDE

teep - Vertriders on steep terrain - Mountain Biking Extreme! The trails in the Tyrolean Mountains are extremely steep & a real challenge for the Vertriders. Some Trails are true Vertriding Classics, such as the steep "Crazy Edward Trail", which according to stories has only been ridden once by mountain bike. In the 3rd part of his trilogy, Johannes Mair sends one of the pioneers of the Vertriders, Christian 'Picco' Piccolruaz, back to tackle his first trails. Axel Kreuter, who has become the embodiment of Vertriding over the last years & the first to ride some of the most spectacular trails, tries his luck on the "Crazy Edward" in the mountain bike movie "Steep".

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