Chriss rijdt over een berg rug met op de achtergrond een vlak heiig engels landschap

Chris Akrigg - AS IT LIES

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voor wie vakantie heeft deze dagen, hier wat oefen stof:

Chriss is showing off again


Weathers been pretty poor at home so i thought it was time to jump on a plane and jet for some fun in the sun. Managed to find a cracking deal but upon arrival i soon realised the brochure had been a little miss leading! anyway, not one to complain, sometimes you just have to make the most of whats on offer....

Chris Akrigg-Bread And Butter

So over the last couple of years It seems that i've been getting more and more diverse riding wise, and thats even by my standards! So i though it would be a good idea to get back on the mountain bike. I packed my shit up and headed down to sunny Spain to hang out with my mate Victor Lucas and his camera.The plan was pretty straight forward, go up into the hills to find some chilled interesting stuff to ride and just have some fun . I think this is as close as you could get to what i actually do when I just go out for a spin. Hope you enjoy the different angle...and stay tuned for when i open the taps on this bike later in the year!

Trial trails

Trial Trails

Chris Akrigg zegt niet echt te weten wat hij moet schrijven onder zijn video... Geeft niet, Praat jij maar je fiets!!
Check zijn Trial video waar hij naar eigen zeggen even een ommetje aan het maken is. Het doel is om niet te hoeven afstappen op de rotsen afgronden en alles wat hij verder nog tegenkomt. Een "Triple XC ride" zegt ie, All aboard the Mongoose Teocali!!

Never really know what to say in this little box! I guess the original idea behind this edit was to go for a spin without getting off for them bloody gates, cliffs, stiles and things, or as i like to call it a triple XC ride. All aboard the Mongoose Teocali . Anyway you get the idea, hope you enjoy. NEXT...................

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Chris Akrigg - The Turning Point

Deze man kan fietsen...! Ook een erg leuke edit. Kijken dus:

Chris Akrigg-The Turning Point from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

Flim..Victor Lucas
Music..James Welsh
Edit...Chris Akrigg