Victor Smith: Dawn of the 29er

While the majority of the world sits behind their computer and bashes the concept of 29 inch wheels, Victor takes his to the woods and shows us what 29 inch wheels can do. Here he his tearing up the some of Treelines crew's trails on his Transition Covert.

The Delivery - Orange Mountainbikes

Time and trails wait for no man.
Telkens het zelfde stuk over en over rijden kan je helpen om je tijden te verbeteren, maar soms heb je gewoon iets anders nodig! Met deze nieuwe 29er Orange Mountainbikes wordt je uitgenodigd om nog sneller naar boven en naar beneden te gaan. Ook de geometry lijkt veel meer op die van longtravel bikes dan op die van normale xc bakken ondanks dat de deze bike slechts 120/110 mm travel heeft. Door deze geometry zal het het vertrouwen nog groter zijn op je weg naar beneden.

Time and trails wait for no man.
While it pays to be a slave to riding the same can't be said for artificial targets and false trophies.
Go. Ride. And make your Segment your own.
A 120/110mm travel 29er that can ride way beyond its travel figure, the Segment balances its inherent big-wheel unflappability with a taught and playful ride that encourages you to let it go faster, both up and down. With its confidence inspiring low-slung stance and the kind of angles more often found on longer travel bikes the Segment is the short travel bike that can, and does.
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