EVOC FR TRAIL 20L BlackLineThe Evoc Blackline has made a number of improvements over the older series. The standard features such as the backprotection, the big zipper that allows the whole bag to open, the possibility to bring protection and a helmet did not require a update. However, the thick warm belt around your waist needed improvement! During long climbs on hot days the band was simply too warm. EVOC has changed the band to such an extent that the band “breathes” by applying the use of other materials and some sort of open structure.

EVOC Backpack Detail

The second point that they have adjusted is the rear. Being a backprotector bag it must fit snugly to ensure good protection. This makes the air circulation not really better. Yet they have now managed to improve it dramatically. On the back there are now two courses with a layer with ribles. This layer ensures that the warm air and transpiration flows away better without changing the level of protection. As a final point, they have added a clip to fasten your waterbag hose.


All the tools you need fitted in the EVOC FR TRAIL backpackEVOC FR TRAIL 20L Detail backEVOC FR TRAIL 20L detail ProtectionEVOC FR TRAIL 20L detail helmetA fullface helm is attached to a EVOC backpack