I met Rémy Métailler when we were living on the French Riviera. We pretty much started to ride DH together. At that time he had never been riding anywhere else than around Nice in France.
When I first got some camera gear he was always keen to go out and get some shots. Few years later everything has changed for him and he flew me over to Mexico, where he spent a few month this winter in order to document his winter training.
So end of February I jumped on a plane direction Guadalajara, the second biggest city in Mexico (7 million people). Short trip with a busy planning but we managed to film a bit of everything. Pretty representative of a full week with Rémy Métailler:
Some Enduro action in the Nevado de Colima : loose, dusty, and steep. One of the best trail in Mexico.
Pump track in the middle of Guadalajara.
XC with view over the city. Guadalajara is pretty high (1700m of elevation) so pedalling up there is more efforts than you would think.
DH in Bugambilias: 3min30 of pedalling. Still looking for some grip up there, but you can’t complain when it’s so close from the city.
Gym time…
Motocross at the Nabo MX track. Rémy just started to ride a bit of moto last year, but I can tell he loves it. So many riders at the track on a Tuesday night…
Security being an issue, we had to play it safe and avoid a few places and times to shoot. Still a great time.
The biking scene in Mexico has been growing really fast lately and Rémy would like to thank his Mexican sponsor mdhbikes.com for all the support he got from them the last few years.
Mariachi – Jarabe Tapatio
DL Incognito – Out Of The Box
DL Incognito – What Dreams Are Made Of
DL Incognito – Grand Scale
Young Tapz – Place Like This