What began as a marketing meeting to discuss 2015 product videos quickly morphed into something a little outside the box for us. It could have been the extra caffeine from our new coffee grinder, or the fact that we all came back from a stellar weekend of riding that really got our creative juices flowing. Either way, the idea of zoning in on our athlete’s stories and showing the individuality each rider has, the relationships with their bikes, and the love they have for the sport had everyone feeling enthusiastic.
After a few quick calls, and a little bit of planning, our team set out on an adventure. We followed our athletes in their daily routines and captured the unique rituals that each has when preparing for race day.
Starting in Reno, Nevada, we met up with Enduro rider Casey Coffman. His quick wit and boyish charm kept us entertained as we filmed his training from sun up to sun down. With coffee on demand and an inexcusable amount of food, the training days were done and we all rewarded ourselves with a well-earned jump into Lake Tahoe. We learned this is something Coffman always checks off the list after shredding on his Virtue.
We’re thrilled to give you a behind-the-scenes look into the world of our athletes, and without further ado, present Episode 1: Before the Gun with Casey Coffman
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