In our search for the ultimate bike bus we are already a lot wiser! What we now know is that with money a whole lot is possible 😀 We actually want to spend as much money as possible on our journeys and bicycle and not on the bus! The bus is a means and not a hobby …

Volkswagen t5 bus rijdt op de posbank met een daktent

Converting a bus to a camper is not finished yet! In October we go with a big Tonke Camper to Switzerland, then we can also experience that well. Recently we also came into contact with Basta Bikes, a nice store in Huissen and they have an “old” volkswagen T5 bus completely labeled and equipped with a roof tent. Looks very cool, so that requires testing once!

kampeer plek met een vw t5 daktent

Last week we, with all the things to camp overnight, drove to the posbank to have a look at the concept. There are many types and sizes of roof tents. Hanneke and Daan have opted for a model that does not collapse, so that the sleeping surface remains somewhat “cozy”;) this is the 130 cm version but there is also a 150 cm version. Check DAKTENT.NL for more info about the all options prices and options.

uitzicht over de daktent

Whatever roof tent you choose and how cozy it may be, the concept is genius! They have a Fix Fork bracket mounted in the back of the bus so that you can place the bikes easily and quickly. Once in the parking place, I think we were done with everything within 5 minutes, the roof tent was set up, coffee was simmering and the seats are outside to enjoy the setting sun! We did not sleep there (it is also not allowed on the posbank), so we could also test how quickly you could be ready to drive to the next trail or bike park in the morning: D

detail van de forkfix in de vw bus

Bikes back in, fold in roof tent, seats and the rest of the mess back in the bus and go! All in all less than 15 minutes.

2 mountainbikers zitten voor de bus met daktent te wachten tot de koffie klaar is

Investment costs:

Bus: of course, depending on the year of manufacture and the mileage, but from 3000 euros ex VAT they are available.

Roof tent: Calculate around 1100 euros for this.

koffie zetten op de kampeer plek met de daktent
Daktent is opgeklapt en een mountainbikers geniet van het uitzicht
de volkswagen bus met daktent rijd over de posbank met ondergaande zon