Around the Schrattenfluh

Mountain biking around this iconic Entlebucher mountain

It is the beginning of May after a long, snowy winter. The first really nice and warm weekend is just around the corner. For us it is clear – it’s time for biking. But where to? At the beginning of the season you usually have two hurdles to overcome:

  • Biking in higher altitudes is often not yet possible or only partly fun, because there is still too much snow
  • The strengthfor longer tours is missing

Nevertheless – we rode our hometrails in the nearby forest all winter long – now it’s time to really go out! Out into the wild and beautiful nature.

We did some research on the Internet and decided to tackle the round around the striking Schrattenfluh. We are always happy to discover something new and if it is still not far from our front door, all the better!

This view takes us directly to North America
Saturday morning 8 am – It is still a bit chilly, but actually great to pedal a bit uphill. We start the tour in Flühli near Sörenberg. The morning sun in the back accompanies us on the first ascent over an alp road up to the “Hilferenpass”.

From there you already have a wonderful view of the impressive Schrattenfluh. We only know the Canadian landscape from pictures, but this place somehow immediately takes us into the wild, untouched nature of North America.

In order to ride some more singletrails, we adapted the route a little bit. After a short descent on a forest road we turn right and head directly towards the wild cliffs of Schrattenfluh. After a punchy climb we ride a short single trail in the forest to the alpine farm “Vorderbättenalp”. From there we are on the regular route again.


The world-famous Meringue is waiting for us
However, there no time to relax, another rather snappy ascent gets the blood pumping, but rewards us with the “Imbrig” lookout point at the highest point.

The panorama that spreads out in front of us is just beautiful and the wooden bench is perfectly located for a short break. But we don’t want to stay too long, as the world-famous Meringe is waiting for us in the Kemmeriboden-Bad.

Once again we deviate briefly from the standard route and choose the single trail descent past the impressive “Lauizug” slide slope.


From there we get quite direct to the Kemmeriboden-Bad Restaurant. Of course – the meringues should not be missed- we have ordered the small portion. And we can assure you, this is enough for two people for dessert ;-).

Enjoy the beautiful nature again
Now motivation is needed, because the last 350 hm has to be overcome with a full stomach. The first few meters we get behind us rather slow. But we quickly find the rhythm again and pedal our bikes amidst the beautiful, untouched and wild nature of the Entlebuch biosphere, up to the “Salwideli”. Last but not least we roll back to our starting point on the main road from Sörenberg to Flühli.

We fall happily into each other’s arms – what a wonderful tour. A round that is simply pure pleasure and a super beautiful nature experience. The tour can also be done well with an e-bike, because most sections are forest or alpine roads and the single trails that we have packed in are technically not extraordinarily demanding. Nevertheless, we recommend to bring a certain basic fitness for the tour, as you will overcome about 50 km and 1700 hm in about five hours.