It’s March and the jitters begin to worsen once again to look for some real trails. Trails in the mountains! After a few months finding my own path with a large headlight on my helmet during the dark nights the urge is growing to appreciate riding with daylight on the most beautiful trails of the Alps.
Unfortunately, there is still a lot of snow in the Alps and the bike season starts in May. But maybe there’s a chance …
I call Erik MTBVerbier and ask what the state is of trails. The answer is simple: snow above 2000 meters but the valley is free. Nice! “Do you have a place on the weekend of 9 to April 12?” “Yes, I have,” said Erik.

The really always shines overthere

In one way or another, I always got lucky when I am in Verbier. This luxury village in winter is only for the rich and famous in the summer it is turned into a biking paradise every year. Super bike parks in Verbier and in the valley are the most epic trails. In early April we can’t go further with the bikes than Verbier and have to get off halfway up the elevator. Funny, we step in with our summer outfit from the elevator, where the skiers go in thick winter clothing and boarding to travel to the summit. They go skiing, we did not! Today it’s warm, the trails are dry (on a single piece covered with snow). Let’s go !!!


Just thaw

After a winter with the “Dutch Mountains”, Erik decides it’s a good idea to start with a forgiving descent. One where you can not do much wrong and not goes down vertically… That’s nice, so I like the snow around us, just thawing and used to the reduction rate of the Swiss Alps. The next runs are directly much nicer. Fast rock pieces alternate with steep lawns and supplemented with tricky switchbacks, make sure you quickly get used to this new environment.


Sleep like a baby

The following days are filled with many of the same! We rode all the beautiful trails that we could find in the valley. One path is fast with a lot of bouncing and a lot of exciting moments. After each descent you feel more confident on your bike and go faster and faster. Some trails are technically very challenging. Steep precipices and mini-bridges over the rivers in the mountains. At the end of the day there is always a cold beer waiting for us in the house of MTBVerbier. Erik and Jessica made a delicious meal for us every evening. Play some cards and then: sleep …


Board 2 Bike

During our stay there was a nice group of friends. They come for a Board 2 Bike holidays. Day of skiing and day of cycling. Where I need out of the lift, they can have a higher station, but with the skis. So late in the season, you will no longer have the endless trips but the concept is of course very nice! For a change, I’m going with them an XC-round with. Because we are not tied to the lifts we the other way and we can climb all the passages themselves … get used to it again, luckily I can for the occasion my 15.5-kilogram bike stand and let down with a slight full-suspension 29’er climbing. The descents are perhaps a little less challenging, but definitely fun! Unfortunately my plane departs every Sunday at 19:00. The other guests closing the weekend completely in style with a BBQ and thirst-quenching beers! What about flying past weekend …


Itself to Verbier? Check: www.mtbverbier.com