A few weeks ago there appeared a new video Commencal on their website. Now anyway we already have a nice soft spot for this brand, so a video which looks a little fat will be soon genius. But this time was different. This time I was not thinking “what a cool video,” but “I must have it!”
Well, patience proves a virtue as the new Meta V4 simply not yet on the market (was). Although the Meta V4 is not yet available, it was fortunately possible to test the bike. Not at my local bike shop here in town, no in Andorra …

After a call and some emails we left on Thursday, October 16th early in the morning for this (somewhat bizarre) road trip. The total time in the car is in fact 32 hours – compared with 16 hours biking. To make the most of the sunshine (25 degrees in October!), And because the lifts are all close, we decided to let every one person shuttling by car. By rotate everyone could just rest without us really liked pause, a win-win situation you call it!


De Review: Meta V4

On the Friday we were a whole day Commencal Meta V4 testing. About the looks we do not have it, because taste is not debatable. But a rather special feature: this bike, you do not get used. The bike feels instantly familiar. The second thing to notice is that this model is particularly well bore steer around the bend. The rest is exactly what you would expect from Commencal: a bike that wants to go down! The rapid steep sections irrespective of the amount of rocks, roots and rocks easily overcome. The climb efficiency we could not really test by the lack of time, but all in all we can say with confidence that the new Meta V4 Commencal-worthy and will be a good competitor of all ‘all-mountain trail bikes’ on the market. Especially since the frame only “only” € 1000, – should cost.
The final assembly as we were presented the bike with the BOS silencer, BOS forks and the new SRAM Guide brakes made the bike really off. The front fork is a perfect companion on the trails we reason, but if this fork is really worth its extra cost to the RockShox Pike example, we doubt. In summary, it is in light, easy steering with excellent trail bike / downhill abilities.

Meta V4

Another full day time

After a day of testing, shoot and drive back and forth, we could close our road trip by a day “free” trails. The boys from Commencal provided us enough tips and along the way to talk to some locals we found much more beautiful. We also got the tip that there is a rather technical rocky trail would be on the other side of the mountain, tricky to find, but definitely worth it. After two kilometers to provoke the car and bike carrier with poorly maintained dirt roads, we left actually saw a small entrance. “Could this be him to be?”

Yup, it was him! More than three quarters bikehapiness! No high speed trail but especially a lot of rocks! Wout (with the green helmet) I had to call back regularly to him to film, as a child he was so happy and unstoppable!

Ergo: 36 hours in the car, 16 hours Andorrian sunlight, four days away from home and two days on the trails. It may sound strange, but it really was worth every second !!!